2 years ago

The Best Place to Put Cat Litter Box

I decided to purchase one more manual litter box recommended by heartministryga.org. I only have one cat, but I always think that one box is not enough. A friend told me that the correct litter box formula is the number of the cats + one = the number of litter boxes. I asked him how I should place the new litter box and he gave me some good advice.

Quiet and peaceful

Cats need some privacy to do their business, just like us. It will be a mistake to put a litter box in the same room where the kids run around and play. Noises will startle the cats and they will not be comfortable to use the litter box.

I always put the litter box in a quiet and peaceful place. I place the box in a rarely visited room so the cat feels that it is her private bathroom. 

Separate place

I live in a two-story house. I have put the litter box in the first floor so my friend told me to put the new one in the second floor. Putting the new box next to the old one will look like one big box for the cat. It is no use. According to my friend, putting the litter boxes in separate areas will help the cat to find their bathrooms faster..

2 years ago

Best cat litter box.... Cat Shelters’ Sad Fact

I visited a cat shelter and found a horrible fact. According to the volunteers, many of the cats in the shelter are not strays, they are housecats which were tossed by the owners because of hygiene problem. Some of these cats did not like their litter boxes, but some others are pure victims of owners who don’t want to clean.

Automatic litter box

These ex-owners are clearly living in caves. There are things called automatic litter boxes. And they are not new. We can choose the most popular and reliable products.  http://www.heartministryga.org/finding-best-cat-litter-box/ lists some best automatic litter boxes. These litter boxes are perfect for busy or lazy cat owners. No need to put your cats into a shelter (which may end in euthanasia) just because you are too lazy to scoop.

Knowing the best litter box for your cats is important. However, the most important thing is to understand that cats are living creatures. If you don’t want to deal with the feces and urine, get a stuffed animal or a virtual pet.

2 years ago

How to Make Your Cat Loves Her Litter Box

Potty training for cats is not that difficult. All you must do is following the classic guidelines every cat owner should do. These rules apply for most cats and actually quite easy to follow.

Keep the litter box clean

How often do you scoop the dirty litter? Once a day? Once in two days? How often do you flush your toilet? Well, you don’t need to clean it after every use by the cat, but at least do it twice a day. I clean my cats litter every morning and evening, before and after work. Make sure the box is large enough so your cats always have enough space.

Have enough boxes

It is always useful to have more litter boxes. Your cat might feel that one box is too full, so she decide to look for another place. Alex from http://www.heartministryga.org/ reviews many popular litter boxes. I love his insights because he is such a passionate cat-lover.


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It All Begins Here.

thank you for coming over.as a neuropsychologists and clinical neuropsychologists, i can understand why people prefer to use blog.live in  hawaii spare me enough time for doing a walking and hiking though.i am just a newbie in Pet  but i do see writing about it in hereuntil then, i will talk about it a lot in coming future.i love to talk more but i have something to catch up first now.let me know what you think about this blog.